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With talk of an economic recession, the Russian invasion, and concerns over climate change, it seems that everything's just not okay. Tune in as Hannah and Shreyas interview experts, academics, friends, and foes about the fast-changing world. We'll let you know if everything’s gonna be fine.


Everything's (Not) Okay with The 2022 World Cup

How is Qatar, a nation facing heavy criticism for its oppressive government policies, poor human rights record, and controversial World Cup bidding process, a microcosm of a larger global trend in the political economy? On this week's episode, we discuss all things soccer and the international impacts of the 2022 World Cup.


Everything's (Not) Okay with Midterm Elections

Everyone had anticipated a red wave for this midterm election that would lead to the Republican Party winning a substantial amount of seats. However, this didn't happen. Many of former President Trump's highest profile endorsements ultimately lost their races. Democrats are now celebrating, but has there been a fundamental change in our political system that could still be threatening our democracy?


Everything's (Not) Okay with China

With President Xi's third presidential term underway, the future of China has never seemed so uncertain. In this episode, we discuss Xi Jinping's plans for China's development and how this will impact China's relationship with the rest of the world.


Everything's (Not) Okay with the U.N.

Does the United Nations accomplish anything? Does it facilitate international cooperation or has it become inefficient? This week, we discuss the relevance of the U.N. on the global stage.


Everything's (Not) Okay with the Rental Market

Rents have never been higher with bidding wars and record-breaking prices leaving renters frustrated and without many options. But how did we get here? This week, we sit down with Professor Same Chandan, the Director of the Center for Real Estate Finance at the NYU Stern School of Business to discuss the rental market and possible policy solutions.


Everything's (Not) Okay with the Monkeypox

A new outbreak of monkeypox, a viral disease transmitted through skin-to-skin contact is, again, testing America's healthcare system. On this episode, we sit down with Dr. Des Jarlais to discuss monkeypox and how it compares to COVID in causing another global pandemic. Listen as we dive into the effects of disinformation and address how we can learn from our past mistakes to prevent future health crisis and stigmatization


Everything's (Not) Okay with the Intersection of Businesses and Human Rights

Everything's (not) okay with human rights. We sit down with Professor Michael Posner, former Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights during the Obama administration, to discuss how businesses may enable human rights crises without knowing, and how Americans can leverage its influence to advance human rights across the world. 

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A Call For Action: The Release of Marc Fogel

Marc Fogel, a teacher at the Anglo-American school in Russia, was just sentenced to 14 years of hard-labor in a maximum-security Russian prison. Fogel was detained 11 months ago in Russia for possessing a small amount of cannabis prescribed for medical reasons. In this episode, we speak to one of Fogel's students to hear about his work, legacy, and the importance of bringing him home.

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Everything's (Not) Okay with ESG Investing

We have all heard of ESG investing, but do we know if it actually works in creating more value for investors and driving change in society? Hannah & Shreyas sit down with Ulrich Atz, a research fellow at NYU Stern's Center of Sustainable Business, to discuss if ESG will save the day.

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