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Forrest Williams 

Major: Business and Computer Science

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Fun Fact: I started snowboarding at 3 years old.


Senior Advisor  

Nikhil Ghangurde 

Major: Finance and Business Economics

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Fun Fact: I want to attend law school. 

Senior Advisor  

Brian Xu 

Major: Finance and Business Economics

Hometown: Beijing, China 

Fun Fact: I love League of Legends. 

Director of Programs

Andrew Yu

Major: Finance 

Hometown: Potomac, Maryland 

Fun Fact: A Smithsonian museum features a documentary I produced.

Director of Finance

Yash Tibrewal

Major: Finance 

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio 

Fun Fact: I've met over 20 pro tennis players.


Vice President 

Melissa Yan 

Major: Finance and Computing & Data Science

Hometown: Clarksburg, Maryland

Fun Fact: I love making crochet bags. 

Senior Advisor  

Hannah Liu 

Major: Finance and Global Business

Hometown: Beijing, China

Fun Fact: I have a food god Instagram. 


Director of  Research  

Sachin Sundar 

Major: Economics and Philosophy

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah 

Fun Fact: I am a Taekwondo black belt. 


Director of Marketing 

Sarjani Shah 

Major: Politics 

Hometown: Monroe Township, NJ 

Fun Fact: I swam competitively for 10 years. 

Director of Operations 

Alex Liu 

Major: Finance and Statistics 

Hometown: Newtown, PA 

Fun Fact: I have hitchhiker's thumb. 

Director of Competition

Arjun Kubal 

Major: Finance and Statistics 

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

Fun Fact: I love cats even though I am really allergic.


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